and now something funny

Okay, I thought I'd post something funny after the serious post. 

This is "My Drunk Kitchen," which resembles the unfilmed nightly cooking show that goes on in my kitchen every night which I have dubbed "Cooking with the Wino." No, I'm not a wino (I don't drink wine), but I like the word "wino."  There is cursing, (because cooking is better with cursing) so don't watch in front of the chillens.


from The Daily What

keep calm

One of my mottoes is "keep calm and carry on" from the World War II British motivational poster and I've put the print that's in my scrap office on the blog before, but this holiday season I have a new motto.


Seasons Greetings,

My sweet potato

The hubs and I went to the new Zeas last night and It was some kind of good. If you live remotely close to a Zeas, stop what you’re doing and go now. Save room for dessert and get the sweet potato bread pudding. Y’all, if Jesus were born today, the wise men would forget the muhr and bring the sweet potato bread pudding. Then baby Jesus would give them a fist bump and share his dessert with everyone. Meanwhile, the fam and I are here at Chili’s, where the no longer have my fave blue cheese burger. Ugh. My sweet potato

and now the top ghetto sno-kone flavas

If you missed my post "short and not so sweet" go read it so you'll get the reference, or if you are familiar with the Ghetto Sno-Kone mobile from the metropolis of Shreveport, LA, read on. 

I would like to thank all who participated in offering up names for flavas on the blog and on FaceBook, everyone gets an hon'rble mention, but there can only be one winner of the Ghetto Sno-Kone Flavas Awardz.  So, let's throw a gang sign up and holla for Melissa. 

Melissa's suggestion of I-like-big-butts-and-i-cannot-lime wins hands down.  I couldn't have come up with a better one if I spent years on this.  And Lord knows, I've put years of thought into lesser projects. 

Hon'rble Mentions: 

Jennifer for "Let's Get it Orange"(sorry Barry White)
Melissa for
"Pop-a-cap-in-yo-ass soft serve" (cause you gotta have ice cream)
and Molly for "Strawberry Bling" — everyone needs a little bling

other flavas I thought of while I couldn't sleep the other night were: Brown Paper Bag Bubblegum, Big Pimpin' Pina Colada, Gangsta Rap Raspberry, and Baby Daddy Daquiri.  I thought and thought with no results (shocking, I know) of something to go with "40 Ounce" and I really can't believe I came up dry.  I think it's the O that's throwing me.  Orange doesn't go well, I thought maybe Orangecicle, still doesn't do it for me.  I've kind of settle on "Tutti Fruitti 40 Ounce," but I'm not sure if that will be on the Ghetto Sno-Kone menu.  We only offer the best flavas, don't settle fo less.