Sunday rewind: The Thompson Twins

The Thompson Twins are an must-have on your 80's iPod playlist.  As I've told you, on Sunday's we'll be running down my 80's playlist for songs you need to have and it would be a travesty to omit Thompson Twins.  You know the Twins.  They were part of our life soundtrack, Molly Ringwald kissed Jake Ryan (I still heart Jake Ryan) to "If You Were Here" sitting on the dining room table over her birthday cake in Sixteen Candles and we all sighed.  I think I need a moment.  Let's all take a moment and watch the ending of Sixteen Candles when Jake is waiting outside the church for Sam.  And yes, this video is in Spanish because I couldn't find a You Tube video  in English.  Whatev.

Divine.  Even in Spanish.  Okay, so Thompson Twins were a great synth New Wave band who were neither comprised of members who were twins, nor had the surname Thompson.  Confused yet?  Anyway, they were a great band.  Here's a few more songs, this time just their videos, in English no less. 

The first is "King For a Day," and I'm going to get my hair done like the singer's. That's freakin' awesome 80's. And I want a robot like they have too.

Here is "Lay Your Hands on Me," which includes lyrics I still love,

This old life seemed much too long

With little point in going on

I couldn't think of what to say

Words just vanished in the haze

I was feeling cold and tired

Yeah kinda sad and uninspired

But when it almost seemed too much

I see your face

And sense the grace

And feel the magic in your touch

And lastly, "Hold Me Now." This song is pretty perfect. Not just as an 80's song, not just because the lead singer has the floppy hair I love, not just because the video features almost everything great about 80's videos (including cowbell) and bad dancing, it's just a good pop song. Britney and Xtina and Beyonce couldn't make a song as good and simple as this if they tried. Not even if they got mowhawks and cowbells. Plus, if you notice, no one's half-naked in their videos. Hmm, interesting. It's just music. How old-fashioned.

Christmas in July!

Note to friends and family: this Christmas count on getting this lovely Richard Simmons in Chains magnet. You’re welcome.