sunday rewind: simply red

Sunday Rewind has been absent from the blog for awhile, so I think I'll be bringing it back when the mood strikes. 

Today it's Simply Red. Simply Red is a band that I've loved since 1986 and not just because the lead singer and I basically have the same hair. Most of their well-known songs are covers and that's fine with me. The band is no longer a band, but in truth, it's been Mick Hucknall and a revolving door of musicians since the '90s. Now Hucknall is the singer for the re-formed Faces (Rod Stewart's old band) and owns a vineyard and has owned a restaurant with Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, and John Malkovich (because sure, why not?).

Let's have some music.

Here's an acoustic "Holding Back the Years."


"Something Got Me Started" live.


And their first hit, "Money's Too Tight to Mention," which is my favorite song about being broke that mentions Reaganomics and not being able to qualify for unemployment. If I had a band I would totally cover this song. 


Love that.

Sunday rewind: PSB

Is it just me or could today use some Pet Shop Boys? That's what I thought. And no, these songs are not just '80s, as Pet Shop Boys are timeless.

My Pet Shop Boys were doing mash-ups long before the word "mash-up" was thought of. "Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You)" is fabulous. And not just because I think I was a Las Vegas showgirl in a former life.



Next is the song with possibly my favorite title of all time, "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk."



Most of my favorite song titles are PSP songs titles.  Here's another one: "I Don't Know What You Want, but I Can't Give it Anymore."

Pet Shop Boys – I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give
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Finally, it's the remix of "Always on My Mind/In My House."  I've always liked the synthesizers in the remix better than the original cover of "Always on My Mind."  Oh, and Neil does this spoken-word rap thing that's just great. And only in the remix does he sing "maybe I didn't love you" at the end of song — because that's what you want in a love song.  


Here is the spoken-word part: 

You were always on my mind thats true
I never thought of any-one else but you
You were on my mind and in my dreams
I should have stopped to make you see
You were always

I worked so hard I thought you knew
My love I did it all for you
I never really had the time
I guess you couldn't read my mind
You were always


And that is how we do Pet Shop Boys on Sunday.  


sunday rewind: inxs (listen like theives)

I know Kick is the album INXS is most celebrated for, but Listen Like Thieves is my favorite album by the band. It's more of a stripped-down INXS, but just fantastic.  Let's go to the videos.  Only "What You Need," "Listen Like Thieves," and "This Time" are the original videos, but I found excellent quality concert footage of the other songs — good stuff.  

"What You Need" is most like the stuff off Kick.  The video is artsy and fun, very similar to what bands were doing in the mid '80s.

Let's talk about the "Listen Like Thieves" video.  I couldn't find it on You Tube, but I knew one existed — in my mind I could see the weirdness.  Don't worry, I found it on Daily Motion and the weirdness was there.  The video is like Mad Max meets INXS.  The band is playing, there are armed guards, an old Cruella deVille woman with opera glasses, and a bunch of Mad Max extras watching the band.  It's interesting. 

"This Time" is your typical live video, but a good song.

I very much enjoy "Shine Like it Does".  Great song.

Same goes for "Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)".  

I hope you enjoyed the '80s Sunday Rewind.  Have a great Sunday.

Sunday rewind: omd

It's about time I had a decent Sunday Rewind, don't you think?

True story: in 1987 I asked an aunt for OMD's greatest hits album for my birthday and she bought me an album by Ozark Mountain Daredevils.  

 OMD is Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, the fantastic synthesizer-based '80s band from England made popular by their song "If You Leave" from the film Pretty in Pink.  Love that movie.  OMD made great catchy songs that stood apart from their contemporaries in that their music was different, poetic, and often very special.  What Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys did was give a heart to synthesizer New Wave.

Let's explore the best of OMD.

"Talking Loud and Clear" is an example of OMD doing something different. 

"So in Love" is so nice.

Love this song.

"I look at you and I make the same mistakes" is pretty poignant, I think.

I saved the best for last.  "If You Leave" is one of the '80s songs that is just perfection.  I'll play this 42 times today.  

Does it get better than that?  No.

sunday rewind: michael penn’s march

This '80s Sunday Rewind has been a long time coming, but as usual the trouble was finding enough quality videos to make a complete post.  I've been a fan of Michael Penn since March and think he's as incredibly talented a songwriter/musician as he is under-appreciated.  March was Penn's 1989 debut and with "No Myth," it seemed like he would be the new darling of the 1990s, but that wasn't to be.  Many people think of him as a one-hit wonder, but listen to the other songs in this post and I think you'll agree Penn is quite fantastic. Hit up the iTunes Store for all his stuff.  

EDIT: I hit up the iTunes Store because I can't find my cd of Penn's Free For All (great album) and the mixed tape a friend made of the album back in the day is still stuck in the cassette deck of my mini-van — yes, you needed all of that information.  So, I found out that now on March and Free For All have been combined in a 2001 re-issue of March, minus one of my faves, "Now We're Even," which if I recall correctly was the closing track on Free For All.  So, lucky you — you get two albums for the price of one!  Fantastic.

Here's the song you'll remember, "No Myth."

That song still rocks.

"This and That" is one of my favorites from March.

I wish I had this whole episode of Unplugged.  Here is "Brave New World."  The acoustic version is sublime.

What did I tell you?  "This may not be my best day, but this ain't no golden age."

There isn't a real video for "Half Harvest," but I really like the song, so here you go.

My favorite line has always been "What makes you think that just 'cause you dress bright means that you shine?"  Penn has such great insight.  

Love him.

sunday rewind: more favorites

So, I was all set to do a Vonda Shepard '80s Sunday Rewind (you know Vonda – she was the bar singer in Ally McBeal), then after a little research, realized the song she's known for, "Don't Cry Ilene" came out in 1990. Not the '80s.  I've been planning a Vonda post all week, but maybe that will be a Tunes Tuesday post instead.  

Today you're getting more personal '80s favorites because it's my blog and I feel like it.

Up first is the lovely "Life in a Northern Town" by Dream Academy.

 Marshall Crenshaw's "Someday Someway" is a great little pop song.  Love the guitars on this one.

This clip of R.E.M. doing "Don't Go Back to Rockville" needs to be saved for future generations.  This is one of my favorite songs.  

And finally, with one of my favorite first lines of any song, "Such a drag to want something sometime," it's The Pretenders with "Talk of the Town."  Fantastic song.  

 "Maybe tomorrow, maybe someday."  Love that song.  And just for fun, "Brass in Pocket," which is pretty fantastic as well.  

Enjoy your Sunday.

sunday rewind: personal favorites

I thought I'd take a break from the usual today and not focus on one particular band and do something which allows me to show you videos from bands who may have only had one hit or songs I just love and want to show you again.  There are bunches that fit in the latter category.  These are the songs that no matter what – when they come on my '80s iTunes playlist make me extremely happy.  Some of the songs you will know, some may be knew to you.  Enjoy my favorite beautiful '80s tunes.

First up, Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out."  Lovely.  

10,000 Maniac's "Like the Weather" has been one of my all-time favorites since 1987.  I played this record OUT.  Yes, I said record, as in vinyl.  

Flock of Seagulls.  Oh my God, shut up.  "Space Age Love Song" is just beautiful.  Perfect song.

I love The Thompson Twins.  "If You Were Here" simply makes me melt.  That's what I said.  

The Rave-Ups' "Positively Lost Me" is brilliant.  Nothing less than brilliant.  I've written about this song before — probably write about it again, but to me — this list of miscellaneous items she lost when she left, then the line "you lost my face, you lost my laugh, and then you lost my confidence" is fantastic.  

Another song that was in Pretty in Pink, "Bring On the Dancing Horses" by Echo and the Bunnymen.  Fab.

Here is "Pictures of You," my favorite song by The Cure.  It's hauntingly beautiful, a song of lost love and heartbreak.  

And for your '80s leftover, barely missing the cut by being released in January 1990, it's The Sundays with "Here's Where the Story Ends."  This is such a beautiful song.  Harriet's voice is unlike any other and I do not understand why her band did not take off like gangbusters.  They were wonderful.  If you've ever heard their cover of the Rolling Stones "Wild Horses," you know what I mean.

sunday rewind: Hall and Oates

Hall and Oates is a departure from the usual post punk/new wave I usually feature here on the Sunday Rewind, but there is a method to my madness – come back for the return of Tunes Tuesday and all will be revealed.  Truth be told, I love the Hall and Oates.  Love the blue eyed soul.  

As usual, I saved the best for last.  Get a load of this f*ckery I found.  I mean, gem.

Okay, wtf was that?  Chippendales Oates, Hall refused to sing, strappy sandals, the devil, the weird jacket the chick helps Oates into with the sleeves, and I'm pretty sure Hall was stoned.  The '70s were bad, people.  Just say no to time machines.

sunday rewind: Split Enz

I was reminded of one of my faves this week by a post about Neil Finn on a friend's Facebook wall and it dawned on my that I haven't featured Split Enz on the '80s Sunday Rewind.  My omission is your Sunday treat.  

New Zealand's Split Enz is a difficult band to describe, but I'll try.  Their 1970s era would best be described as progressive rock (think early Genesis with Peter Gabriel) when Tim Finn when was the front man, then Tim's brother Neil took over front man duties and the band received critical acclaim as a new wave band from 1980 until their break-up in 1984.  I'm not a progressive rock girl, so we're going to explore the new wave Neil Finn-led version of the Enz today.

And because Neil Finn is one of the cutest front men ever.  You'll remember Neil from Crowded House.  Love me some Crowded House, don't you?

The Neil Finn era of the Enz started with the album True Colours and was quite a departure from their previous work.  This era of the Enz coincided with the birth of MTV and the two were a perfect pair – let's go to the videos!

"Message to My Girl" from 1984 is my second favorite Enz song, probably because it sounds a good bit like Crowded House.

"I Walk Away" is the last single from the Enz from the album See Ya 'Round – appropriate titles, don't you think?  Oh, and you'll see the late Paul Hester from Crowded House on drums (the short-haired drummer).

I hope you enjoyed today's '80s Sunday Rewind.  If you have a suggestion for next week, leave it in the comments (if they're working).

sunday rewind: Scritti Politti

Woo-hoo!  It's the return of '80s Sunday Rewind!  Let's talk about Scritti Politti.  This is a band I loved in the late '80s and looking back and watching the video "Boom! There She Was," I suspect it is because the lead singer, Green Gartside, reminds me of Prince.  Only white.  And how could I not love a band with a song called "Pray Like Aretha Franklin"?

Scritti Politti has been around since the late '70s and made their last album in 2006, but I have to say, I had no idea.  I'm not sure if y'all remember Scritti Politti.  Let's refresh your memory.  

Here's there hit, "Perfect Way" from 1985.  This song could be redone by the Jonas Brothers today and go to number one.  Not that I'm suggesting it.

Y'all, this is "Boom! There She Was."  Inspired by Prince?  You be the judge.  Maybe Morris Day, because someone brings Green a drink on stage and a giant book (wtf?).  And the dancing in this video is hot, white hot.  I think the guitars are for show, because this is all keyboards and synthesizers, but I love that hot pink guitar.  You're not fooling me, Green.

Are you ready for bizarre?  I'm only including this one because it's one of the most bizarre vids I've ever seen. "Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)" not only features Green and company singing on a giant bed in their jammies – no, that's not all – we have a a ballet dancer, bee keeping, fencing, Green as an astronaut, and Green as Olympian.  For no reason.  

Seriously.  That is fresh off the train from Crazy Town.  

More '80s next Sunday.  Suggestions?