In 2014, I will be turning the big 4-0! To celebrate, My Nameless Blog (who shares my birthday) and I are developing a bucket list of 40 things we hope to accomplish before our 40th birthday.

Making the list was fun. Completing the list is intimidating. It will be a challenge, but one worth doing, for sure. We got help from outside sources, including the Internets, friends, and even our waitress. I will update frequently.

40 Before 40

Develop Healthy Habits

1. Exercise 40 min 4 times a week
2. Give up alcohol for 40 consecutive days
3. Walk/jog/run a total of 40k
4. Do 40 sit ups (hopefully often)
5. Floss for 40 consecutive days
6. Eat 100% healthy for 40 days
7. Drink 40 oz of water (hopefully daily)
8. Give up sweets for 40 days at Lent
9. “Let go” of things that normally bug me 40 different times

Give to Others

10. Complete 40 hours of volunteer work
11. Send a card to 40 different people for their birthday, a holiday, etc.
12. Donate $40 to charity
13. Get rid of 40 things I no longer need
14. Donate 40 pieces of clothing to the Salvation Army, a women’s shelter, etc.
15. Do 40 random acts of kindness
16. Give 40 compliments
17. Leave a $40 tip to someone who deserves it left it for the waitress who helped us with this list!

Just Because

18. Have a movie marathon of films with “40″ in the title
19. Watch 40 episodes of a TV series
20. Watch the top 40 movies on IMDB
21. Post on my blog for 40 consecutive days
22. Drive 40 miles in one direction and take pictures where I end up.
23. Complete a 40 day blog challenge
24. Go to the zoo or aquarium and take pictures of 40 different animals
25. Write 40 haiku
26. Get 40 people to help complete one of these activities with me

Totally For Fun

27. Receive tweets from 40 different celebrities
28. Drink a 40
29. Start a collection with 40 items
30. Make a necklace with 40 beads
31. Play 40 games of skeeball at Chuck E. Cheese
32. Bid on 40 different items on eBay.

Do Something New

33. Try 40 new recipes
34. Read 40 books
35. Learn how to say “hello” in 40 different languages.
36. Visit 40 new places
37. Learn about 40 important events in history

All For Me

38. Remember to accessorize for 40 days at work
39. Buy something I really don’t need that’s marked 40% off
40. Save $40 a month and use the money to buy myself a gift for my 40th birthday!