40 Years in 40 Days: 1984

1984 was a big year.


Musically, 1984 was all about WHAM! Other people (who are big stinkin’ liars) would have you believe it was about Madonna, but no – it was Wham! Honestly, there were some pretty damn good albums released in 1984 by Julian Lennon, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, Wang Chung, Thompson Twins, Bruce Springsteen, Huey Lewis and the News, and Psychedelic Furs. Let’s have some tunes, shall we?

40 Years in 40 Days: 1981

Me, 1981 with the best toy ever, The Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker.

Me, 1981 with the best toy ever, The Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker.

1981 was aight. I had everything I needed — a Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine, crayons, stickers, and I was making mucho cash off the tooth fairy as you can see in the pic. Also, in the pic, you can’t really see it, but my cousin is wearing an eyepatch. I have more photos of her with the eyepatch, but I won’t post them because that’s kinda mean. I mean, she wasn’t even a pirate.

To the facts:

I remember spending the night with my Aunt Vicki and watching the wedding of Princess Diana. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. She was so beautiful and Prince Charles looked so old to me. I was a Disney obsessed child, so seeing a real Princess’ wedding was a Disney movie brought to life. In 1997 I would watch her funeral on television and cry.

Music in 1981 was the jam. Here’s my favorite song from that year, “Tempted” by Squeeze.

Film in 1981 was great because of On Golden Pond, Chariots of Fire, and Arthur, but here’s one of my favorites, The Fox and the Hound — the scene where Tod meets Copper and Copper says “I’m a hound dog,”


40 Years in 40 Days: 1980

The clown in 1980.

The clown in 1980.

1980 was all about change. For me, for everyone. I started first grade at Claiborne Elementary Fundamental Magnet School and the country elected Ronald Reagan. John Lennon was murdered. My sister refused to wear her Halloween costume as a costume, so she was Princess Dallas Cowboy, I guess?

Here are the facts:

Not exactly an uplifting year. And Music in 1980 was this bizarre mesh of disco, country/pop, R&B, punk, new wave, heavy metal, and soft rock all over the radio. Everything from Diana Ross to Kenny Rogers to AC/DC were being played and there was even Ska and Rockabilly, which makes 1980 the most unique year maybe in modern music history. It reflected what was going on in the world — uncertainty and change. My song for 1980 is “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division, not just because it was their biggest song, not because it was the year Ian Curtis committed suicide, but because it has the haunting sense of “what’s next?” that the year had.

Film in 1980? This is all that matters. 9 to 5. I apologize for the crappy video, but this IS the best scene.

40 Years in 40 Days: 1979

Thank goodness we’re almost to the 80s. In 1979, I graduated from Kindergarten and I was a pink butterfly in some stage production of something I’ve forgotten. My preschool/Kindergarten was Ingleside Baptist Church and there was a roller rink there, so I liked it. Also, for some reason a local magician would visit every once in a while because as all Baptists know, God = MAGIC. That’s not true, but it really confused me as a 5 year-old.

I was a beautiful butterfly.

I was a beautiful butterfly.

Let’s get to the facts:

Music in 1979 was amazing. The Cure. Squeeze. Joe Jackson. Tom Petty. Michael Jackson. Blondie. Shut up. Punk and Post-Punk were at their height. INXS was on the way. Today we have a few videos.

All you need to know about Film in 1979 is The Jerk. One of my favorites of all time. I will watch this every time it’s on tv, because like Navin, I was also born a poor black child.

40 Years in 40 Days: 1978

photo7What a strange year you were, 1978.


1978 saw music begin to turn a corner. Thank Baby Jesus. Elvis Costello and The Attractions released This Year’s Model and we were off to the races. “This Year’s Girl” still holds up and is a beacon in the disco days of ’78. He summed it up well, ““Those disco synthesizers / Those daily tranquilizers / The body-building prizes / Those bedroom alibis” and then “All this, but no surprises for this year’s girl.” Elvis, you brilliant songwriter, you.

40 Years in 40 Days: 1977

Me at 3.

1977 was a mixed bag in 3 year-old Kerry’s world. My great-grandmother, Maw, died. She had a farm and I really liked going there. My sister was born in September, which changed everything. I saw my first real movie in a for-real drive-in, Star Wars. Even at 3, I knew it was amazing. A friend said it still holds up today, but it more than holds up. For me, it was the first of its kind – the adventure story/love story/science fiction genre. It was a space western. You can’t tell me it’s not. Luke’s the deputy, Han’s the outlaw-turned-sheriff, Vader’s the guy in the black hat, and Leia is the girl in town everyone wants.  Simple.

Ok, let’s go to the facts.

1977 in Film was pretty damn amazing. I’ve already talked about Star Wars, so let’s talk about my guilty pleasure movie: Smokey and the Bandit. Oh, yeah. This is the movie that started my love of Basset Hounds, using great accents, and Jackie Gleason. It’s the best.

One of my other favorite movies from 1977 is The Rescuers, which kind of made me what I am today, a combination of Miss Bianca (Eva Gabor) and Madame Medusa, the redheaded villain of the movie. Here’s one of the sweetest clips Disney has ever animated.

Music in 1977 was a desert except for Fleetwood Mac. Here’s “Go Your Own Way.”


40 Years in 40 Days: 1976

Me at 2.

1976 was weird.

Music in 1976 was in a pretty sad state. Except for this:

Movies in 1976 brought us Rocky and All the President’s Men. Shut up, my favorite movie.

40 Years in 40 Days: 1975

Me at 1.

Me at 1.

Ah, 1975, I barely remember you.


1975 in Film saw Grey Gardens released. WIthout question, this is one of my top 5 documentaries. Watch this clip.

1975 in Music was pretty crappy. I’m not kidding. Disco and soft rock, but here’s a song I like and I can’t put my finger on why, but I like it.

40 Years in 40 Days: 1974


Me in 1974

I’ll be 40 in 40 days, so I’m going to look back at the last 40 years. But not for long, because let’s face it, I’m getting old and 1) it can’t be THAT long until my memory goes, 2) do we really need to remember some of the years for very long? I mean, the disco years? 3) I’ve committed to 40 posts in 40 days, let’s not push it. And I’ve decided to include a photo of myself from each year, maybe.

A lot of stuff happened in 1974. I’ll be giving you the Wikipedia version followed by my personal thoughts.


Is it weird that Carrie came out that year and my parents named me Kerry? I think so. I think my obsession with the Watergate Scandal has a lot to do with it happening the year I was born.

For fun, here’s my favorite song of 1974:

And you probably know The Godfather Part II came out in 1974, but here’s one of my favorite clips from The Great Gatsby.