40/365: Headachey & foggy

I’m in a headache fog and the Olympic Opening Ceremony Parade of Nations is in the Korean alphabetical order and everything is weird.

So, this will be a short post.

Dead Letter Office is a fun album of B-sides and rare tracks R.E.M. released in 1987. I cannot tell you how much I love this album. Stupid love. I love the Velvet Underground covers — they are magic. But the best song on the album is “Voice of Harold.” The song is what happened when Michael Stipe was bored recording “7 Chinese Brothers” and picked up a gospel album called The Joy of Knowing Jesus by The Revelaires and started singing the liner notes to the music of “7 Chinese Brothers.” It’s weird, but weird-good. Here’s what I found on the You Tube because obviously there is no video (but I’m willing to make one.) Enjoy the weirdness! Love, KBF.

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