37/365: Things I did when I couldn’t sleep last night

I couldn’t sleep last night. Here are the things I did because I could not sleep:

  • Rearranged pantry. The pantry was a little out of wack. I’m not OCD in the least, but I like my pantry a certain way as most people do. The spices were all crazy. The honey was with the spices! The cumin was next to the nutmeg! For Pete’s sake, spices can’t be placed just anywhere. Some people might not care. Those people are animals. Some people may organize their spices alphabetically, not me. My spices are on a little shelf — top shelf: Italian spices, 2nd shelf: savory spices, 1 shelf: Mexican/chiles, bottom row: the aromatic spices associated with desserts or breads. The tall spice mixes such as Tony Chacherie’s are on the left, extracts on the right. See, no OCD here.
  • Watched an episode of Psych. This show is all fun. I don’t know how I didn’t see it when it originally aired.
  • Deleted a few songs from my “Kerry’s 90s +” playlist.
  • Played on Instagram.
  • Decided that Facebook and Instagram are profiling me. I’ve seen an ad for some chubby girls clothing company several times on FB, now Instagram. I know I’m chubby, but the clothes look cheap. I don’t do cheap.
  • Deleted photos off my phone.
  • Stared at my surgerized finger forever wondering if it’s ever going to look right again. There is a fairly big hole in my nail that’s growing out and looks pretty ugly. I was told it might not grow back pretty. If you know me, that isn’t an option.
  • Made a mental grocery list.
  • Thought about the kids’ Valentine goodies. I’m pretty sure I’ll get them big chocolate heart boxes, then take the chocolates out and replace them with chicken nuggets. I’ll keep the chocolates because my mama didn’t raise no fool.
  • Made a mental list of what to bring to my mom’s next week.
  • Watched another episode of Psych. I’m telling you — funny stuff.
  • Clorox wiped the kitchen counters. That’s A LOT of granite.
  • Filed my nails.
  • Paid the kids’ school lunch money online
  • Wrote down the words “second hand drunk” in my phone notes because 1) that’s funny and 2) that’s a good short story title.

And that’s when I went to bed. How about a song for tonight?

“Up All Night (Frankie Miller Hoes to Hollywood)” by my boys Counting Crows was released in 2002 on the Hard Candy album (fantastic album). It was my Canada album, as I was living in Canada right after it came out. It’s one of my absolute favorite driving songs. The reason you’re getting the album version and not one of the four or five live versions is because Adam Duritz really shines with his range and big vocals and the boys have some excellent harmony.

Love it. Play it several times a week. Enjoy — especially if you’re up all night.

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