12/365: Always On My Mind

I’m not much up for typing today as my finger is and will be recovering for a couple of weeks, but I DO have a superfantastic song for you (as I do everyday).

“Aways On My Mind” lends itself to many renditions and covers. Personally, I’ve found something different in the three main ones. Elvis sings it soulfully and warmly. Willie’s version was the only reason I wanted to see him in concert. It moved me to tears. I’ve possibly never seen someone who puts so much heart into what he sings. Then there’s my PSB. You have something meaningful, but there’s no saccharine. You have Neil Tennant’s very British, eager voice. And baby, you have Chris Lowe giving us some of the best synth-pop ever recorded (and I know what I’m talking about).

This one has been s favorite since 1987. It never fails to make me smile and it was on my biking mixtape in college, which became my “fun drive” mixtape after that. The Pet Shop Boys are ALL ABOUT FUN. And while I can’t use my finger, I need some fun.

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