8/365: old

NOTE: I will be publishing posts that were in the draft folder of the ol’ bloggy blog. Some make me laugh. My drafts unfortunately aren’t dated (dammit, WordPress), but I’ve married this one down to 2009.

Tuesday was my eye appointment day. Lately I’ve noticed things are a little blurry — the Guide on DirecTv, street signs, the flamingoes at the front door of a neighbors house — the usual. I’ve worn reading glasses since I was 17, but this is something different.

This is what I told my eye doctor and she said “this is sometimes what happens when we reach our late thirties.” Excuse me? I am not in my late thirties — I am 36 for two more months, lady. She told me I was old. After my exam, my doctor tells me I can either use two pair of glasses, one for reading/computer/whatever, one for distance OR I could go the bi-focals route. EXCUSE ME (again)? Bi-focals. Like my grandmother. Like Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote. Like old people. I said “let’s hold off on the Mammaw look and go with two pair of glasses.” I’m old.

Then she scared me to death.

After she looked at my eyes up close with the thing I had to put my chin on (which is not made for people with boobs, because I could barely mosey on up to the thing), she asks “when you were diagnosed with high blood pressure was it super high?” Yep, uh huh, it was super high. “The blood vessels in your eyes show that. Normal blood vessels look like this (she makes a smooth movement with her hand). Your blood vessels look like this (she moves her hand up and down like a conductor at the orchestra really fast). You’ve had an eye stroke.” She says the medical name first, but I heard “eye stroke.”

So, add that to the list of crazy ass conditions I have had.

The song today is “WTF?” by one of my favorite bands, OK Go with my man Damien Kulash. This song is right for so many occasions.


  1. I remember when this happened. My eye doctor gave me a similar speech about getting to a certain age 🙄

    Rude. I tried the bifocals, but the bifocal life wasn’t for me.

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