7/365: kerry fahrvergnügen

NOTE: I will be publishing posts that were in the draft folder of the ol’ bloggy blog. Some make me laugh.

This post is unfinished from 2012 when Megan and I were in the middle of ScrapFest. ScrapFest was the scrapbooking retreat we owned in Mandeville, LA. I have no idea why I titled this “kerry fahrvergnugen.” I wrote this 6 years ago.

A $20 bill falls out of my notebook.

An employee of the venue guy who had been annoying the the eff out of me the entire time picks it up.

No, I didn’t know Megan had put the $20 in my notebook.

Mike picks it up and says, “you dropped a $20.”

He hands it to me, I stuffed it in my bra and said “must have fallen out from the club last night.”

His jaw hits the floor. I walk away — laughing — in front of a bunch of croppers.

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