4/365: You can take it with you

“You can be too rich

And you can be too thin

And you can take it with you

The things that you learn.” – The Lemonheads (song below)

I’ve wanted to write about this subject for a while now, but I was afraid of offending people, but who cares? No one has to read my nonsense. The subject today: first world problems.

A couple of us (my amazing friends) call it something else that has its own acronym: PWWP. If you guess that you win all the change in my purse.

Here are the PWWP my friends I have discussed : I’ll just use the universal “I” as to not implicate anyone

1. The maid putting things where I can’t use them.

2. I don’t know how to use liquid blush.

3. I can’t find my skinny jeans.

4. Starbucks never spells my name right.

5. My grill isn’t in the right place on my patio.

6. It’s too dark and cold for this sport my kid is playing.7. It’s too hard to find a good Icee.

8. My head is too big for hats.

9. My kids eat all the food in my house, so I have to go to the store everyday.

10. I finished binge watching this show on Netflix and now I’ll have to watch the new episodes each week like a caveman.

11. My iPhone isn’t loud enough when I get a call.

12. Someone actually called me to say something the could have texted.

13. My cat is a jerk.

14. I have more craft stuff but I can’t rid of anything because I might need it.

15. I don’t know where to put this decorative thing I bought.

16. The maid is coming tomorrow so I have to invent something to do.

17. I don’t have the energy to take down the Christmas tree.

18. I went to Target and they didn’t have my lipliner.

19. Madison Reed can’t get my hair color right.

20. The restaurant is rented out on the night we wanted to go.

21. My kids won’t play PlayStation on the upstairs tv because the screen doesn’t have the graphics as downstairs.

22. We don’t have a Caine’s, we only have a Zaxby’s.

23. I put all the Christmas decorations up and I found a random ornament today.

24. There are so many Mexican restaurants I don’t know which to go to.

25. This person won’t stop asking me to pass this thing on in Facebook Messenger.

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