All is not lost

Thank you to those of you who have Facebook messaged and emailed. Yes, I’m in the Hurricane Harvey effected area. No, I had no damage to my home. But our little club here knows there is always more damage on the inside. 

That’s my brand. 

So, tonight my husband is watching football and normally I’d be fine with all that and play on my phone, but they keep mentioning the hurricane and that 7 members of the team are from the Houston area. Then a commercial came on showing men pushing a truck out of the floodwaters. And so I put on my earbuds and turned up Ben Folds. But after a few minutes later I dropped my phone and it went back to all the song in my phone. And what was on was OK Go. And it was the song “All is Not Lost.” And I listened twice. And I thought maybe, no all is not lost at all. 

“But when they say that all is lost/All is not lost, all is not lost/But when they say that all is lost/All is not lost, no all is not lost at all”

So, here’s the video of the song I prefer which was recorded as the NPR Tiny Desk series moved into a new NPR building — across town. I love this. 

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