Archives for August 11, 2017

So, Here We Go Again

Hello Dear Readers,

Four months (or so) ago I had a severe reaction to a migraine preventative my neurologist put me on. I wrote about it on this very blog. Since then I’ve had headaches and migraines several times per week. Much more often than I talk about or post to Facebook or even tell my family because it must get a little old, right? Hearing about the pain someone is in every other day? I get tired of talking about it, so my family and friends have to get tired of hearing it. 

The thing about migraines is it’s not just your head — it’s everything, your whole body — and you never know how long it’s going to last or if your medication will stop it. That’s probably my favorite part. 

No, wait — not being able to have a normal life is my favorite part!

And so, my neurologist put me on something else, which is like “hey, let’s take a shot in the dark and play with your brain!” And if this doesn’t work my next step is Botox in my head. 31 injections over almost my whole head and back of my neck. I know what you’re thinking, “lucky girl — I wish I could have Botox in my temples to get rid of those wrinkles in my scalp!” 

And so, I’m trying a new drug, a calcium channel blocker, which is a blood pressure drug that can work for migraines. I made the mistake of looking up all the information about it so I can have massive anxiety about it. And sure enough, anxiety took over when I saw the first COMMON SIDE EFFECT: heart failure. Thank God, because of all the things to die of, heart failure seems quicker than other things. And I’m not really using my heart anyway. 

Another side effect — headache. Because yeah, why not? Pile ’em up! I can take on a few more a week. I’m not doing anything on Tuesdays. 

I’d love to postulate more on the subject but I have a headache. More late. Or not if I go into heart failure. We’ll see.