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Best of the 2016 Kentucky Derby Hats

As longtime readers know, I am nothing if not an authority on millinery, or as the less stylish know it, hattery. I am also of the fine line between subtlety and ostentatious. The following hats fall somewhere in between.

my favorite ice skaters, Bitch and Please.

Johnny Weir, dont ever change.

subtle, probably put together by mice and bird friends.

put a bird on it: maybe this bird helped build the hat above.

the best horse-flower-wreath hat of the day.

perfectly springy, suble, almost life-like. and i want one.

her name was Lola, she was a showgirl – with yellow feathers in her hair and she will never be able to hold her head straight again.

funny story, she was making a wreath and it just got out of hand.

she knows it’s not a pig race, right?

just say no to pastel bushes on your head.

all hats should required to have a Barbie and/or horse on them. preferably both.

i onow it doesnt look like me, but it is. in my Talk Derby To Me hat.

let’s go to the men. we will prbably regret this. at least this one.

now we know what Santa does in May.

Fred didn’t trust his gps. he preferred to map out directions to the Derby in diorama form. on his head.

horse on it, check. “official drink of the kentucky derby” button, check. miniature bottle, check. flowers, check. stovetop pipe, check. but I feel like its missing something.

wrong occasion. go home.

bonus points if it’s battery operated.

and we have the winner, by a nose!

Wham Rap lip sync

To mark my return to blogging my series on mental health, I thought I’d do something special for y’all. This is my audition tape for Lip Sync Battle for People You’ve Never Heard Of (which is not actually a show, but fingers crossed).