(I’m not) America’s Sweetheart (But You Love Me Anyway)

I wanted to thank all my readers for understanding that the “I’m fine,” She Lied series has been quite difficult to write. I unintentionally took a month and a half off from writing because Christmas consumed me and I thought I would take two weeks to enjoy my children being home and going to the annual Mandeville family party. But then life happened and I took an extra week to get my thoughts together for the post that will be next, the post that landed me in the hospital back in October.

At that time my grandfather was in the hospital and his doctors were trying to figure out what was causing his white blood cell count to rise drastically. We had no reason to think he wouldn’t come home from the hospital. Instead, I watched my grandfather take his last breath on earth. My grandfather never knew of my suicide attempts. I’ve lived a life never wanting to disappoint anyone ever, and that definitely included him – the strongest man I ever knew.

So, thank you, gentle readers, for the kind comments, Facebook messages, and emails. Thank you for the support and love. I’ve needed it and y’all sent it.

Thank you to my best friends who have been amazing.

Thank you to my family.

And even though I think I am America’s Sweetheart, these last few months have shown me I’m anything but. So, with the help of Elle King (my new favorite artist), we’re going on with the show on Monday.

So kick out the jams, kick up the soul

Pour another glass of that rock and roll

Turn up the band, fire in the hole

Gonna lose control tonight

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