“I’m fine,” She lied: stuff I left out, but shouldn’t have

There were things that went on in college that I left out, but shouldn’t have – only because they’re tough things to write about, but I’ve thought about it and some things need to be said. Some things we don’t talk about because they’re hard to talk about or difficult topics we’d rather forget happened. 

A girl on my floor before I was an RA in Dudley gave or at least attempted to give herself an abortion. I don’t know what happened to her. 

I don’t know what the situation was. I don’t know if she couldn’t go to her parents. I don’t know if she told her boyfriend or if there was a boyfriend or if it was a one-night thing. I don’t know if she couldn’t go to her doctor. Or if she had a doctor she felt comfortable enough to tell about her pregnancy. I don’t know if she was alone in the world and didn’t see another option. I don’t know. 

And I didn’t and do not judge her. That isn’t about being pro-life or pro-choice. It’s about being human. 

You see, there are a million ways to not see a way out of a situation, whatever it may be. And that’s not being callous or poetic. That’s the truth for many more people than you realize. 

When I was a Senior RA my next door neighbor attempted suicide. There were razor blades found in her room. It was very hush-hush. Her father was a dean of something or other. She disappeared. I don’t know what happened to her. She didn’t return to Tech before I left that winter. 

Again, I don’t know what the situation was. I don’t know why she attempted suicide. I don’t know if she had a mental illness. I do know that she was a pretty brunette, a freshman that I had laughed with in her room the week before. She didn’t seem depressed. She didn’t seem in crisis. 

So many people are hurting that you would never know were hiding something – something they believe in their hearts and minds to be unspeakable. Things that they cannot tell another person. 

I know because I’ve had hurts like that in my life. Maybe you have too. Maybe someone in your life, no matter how close or distant – maybe someone is hurting and is afraid you’ll think they’re crazy if they confide in you. The thing is, they’re not crazy. They’re in crisis. They just need to feel like there is one person they can talk to. Just one. 

This was taken two weeks before I went into the hospital last month. 

Do you see a person in crisis?


  1. Everyone is fighting a battle that we know nothing about.. this is why human kindness is so important. None of us knows what other people might be dealing with.
    Much love.

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