“I’m fine,” she lied – questions and answers

I’ve received lots of questions via email, comments, and Facebook messages, so I thought I’d tackle a few this weekend before we start The College Years on Monday.  Yay! New characters and a change of scenery!


Are you using your friends’ real names? 

Yes. If I’ve used an aka it will be obvious because most likely I’ll reference something about them. And the akas are akas usually because they were horrible people I’d prefer not take up space in my mind or my blog. 
Are your friends going to have any quotes in your piece?

If they would like to comment, I would love it. I’m not asking them to because I respect their privacy and that they have their own lives and stories to tell, should they have a forum. Also, this is my story to tell. It’s from my perspective. 

Were the “frenemies” real or your imagination?

Definitely real (I’ve never had a hallucination) and definitely two of the worst people I’ve ever known. 

Were you diagnosed with depression as a teen?

No, but it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to know I was depressed. 

Who is that with you in the prom pic?

That would be Jason. 

What was the event that triggered it all?

I’ve decided to keep that part to myself. 

Why not give boyfriends’ names?

They know who they were and some of my friends knew them as well. Mostly, they weren’t the best guys and I didn’t have a long term high school boyfriend. A few months was enough for me. And probably for them as well. 

Did you have any fun in high school?

Yes, as I said, depression is always there after you’ve had your fun. 

I would go to McDonald’s and to Jennifer’s house practically everyday for a year to hang out and watch Days of Our Lives. We had a blast hanging out in Bossier on weekend nights. We sang along to Wilson Phillips in her car. She was great. 

We were often with the other Jennifer watching John Hughes classics back when we had to go to Blockbuster. My friends were fun; they wouldn’t have been my friends if they weren’t. 

Of course, I had other friends – Jodi, Amanda, Maq, Brandy, and many more. I wasn’t a clique person and was friends with everyone. 

Which psych hospital were you in?

Hey, we’re not there yet. 

Are you publishing everyday? What is the schedule?

I’m sticking with two main posts on Mondays and Thursdays, then posts like this thrown in if I get more questions. 

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