Day 25: First video game console you owned?

A Very Random Challenge. 

Dude. The Atari 2600 was the bomb. I lived for Centipede and Super Breakout. And I was good. Like expert level. The last time I was in my childhood home (probably 10 years ago), I checked the top of my old closet and the console was still there. Sadly, it’s gone to Video Game Heaven, most likely during some sort of spring cleaning. By the way, my favorite thing as a kid was skipping school to go with my mom on bowling league days, so I could play all the video games. The bowling alley had the best games. 


  1. I do not know Super Breakout. And you need to move here to join my bowling league.

  2. I flipped the score on space invaders like 8 times. Took me like 6 hours straight playing time. Flexing my young tenacious muscles at a tender age. I was like 9. Scott

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