Day 18: A picture of you with someone awesome

A Very Random Challenge.

Without question, my awesome person would be my grandmother, Patsy. She was pretty amazing. Kind, generous, a good listener, and lots of fun. She passed away in 2002. I miss her everyday. Before she got very ill, she started IMing and emailing. I’ve kept all of her emails, including her recipe for sweet potato pie. I loved everything about her: that she and my Pappaw ate popcorn for dinner on Sunday nights while they watched 60 Minutes, that she never filled in her name on her “nobody cooks like ________” apron, that she always had peppermints or gum to give me in church, that she said “she-I-T” instead of cursing, and the way she greeted me with a kiss and called me “punkin'” or “sugar dump” (which was shortened from sugar dumplin’.”) I’m sure she’s the reason that I like silly nicknames. I’m sure she’s the reason for most of my good qualities (and one bad – I forget the rolls in the oven just like she did on holidays.)

Here we are in 1992.


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