A Very Random February Challenge

The Second 40 and I are doing a very random blog challenge for February. Hopefully this will get me back into blogging more often, because let’s face it, I’ve been a bad blogger for a few months. Join us on your blog if you wish.


Day 01: A picture of you holding a handwritten sign of your full name

Day 02: A brief description of your living situation and how you feel about it

Day 03: A pet you’d like to have if it were domesticated
Day 04: A picture of something you ate today
Day 05: A list of ten thoughts you think at least once a week
Day 06: A song that’s been on repeat recently
Day 07: A profession you wouldn’t want to do and why
Day 08: Draw a sketch of you with the last gift you received
Day 09: A favorite non-major holiday
Day 10: Favorite celebrity that was born the same year as you
Day 11: Book you’re reading/last book you read
Day 12: A picture of you and an animal
Day 13: A picture of you five years ago
Day 14: Whose love child are you?
Day 15: What time would you consider getting up early? What about sleeping in?
Day 16: What do you do when you wake up and don’t have anywhere to go that day?
Day 17: How do you get in touch with people most often?
Day 18: A picture of you with someone awesome
Day 19: A picture of you in your hometown
Day 20: A picture of you far away
Day 21: Last cartoon you watched?
Day 22: Explain your future in exactly ten words
Day 23: Next band you’d like to see live?
Day 24: A haiku about sleeping
Day 25: First video game console you owned?
Day 26: Which Friends character are you?
Day 27: A picture of you holding up a handwritten sign with an adjective that describes you well
Day 28: Ask three people “what keeps you going?” and post their answers

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