30 Days, 30 Songs: Day 20 – The last song alphabetically on your iPod

The last song alphabetically on my iPod is actually numerical, “2000 Miles” by The Pretenders. If I haven’t said it 2000 times before, I love The Pretenders. I’m talking love. True love. “2000 Miles” is technically a Christmas song, but whatev – it’s an amazing song. It’s perfect, it really is. And it was perfect for me for many years because my husband has worked in different locations, one of them was Uzbekistan during Christmastime, so yeah, it was perfect then (as it always is because DUH The Pretenders). If you don’t have everything The Pretenders have ever done, go get all the songs and Chrissie Hynde is releasing a new album soon, so there’s that awesomeness.

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