30 Songs, 30 Days: A song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend

Hi, I’m Kerry and welcome to the lamest thing I’ve ever written.

Let’s be real. My most recent ex-boyfriend was in 1993 because I also met my future husband that year as well. So, let’s talk about Judd. I’ve written about him before because it included the time we were stranded at a New Year’s Eve party and guys named Ray Ray and Tiny volunteered to drive us home. Judd was interesting. He gave me Koosh ball for Christmas. Remember Koosh balls? He cut his hair into a mushroom-looking shape before Adam Duritz did it with his dreads. Just imagine that for a minute.

There were other songs, but the song that reminds me of Judd is “Somewhere Out There” from the American Tail soundtrack because we made out while watching that movie once early in our relationship and once you’ve made out to an animated movie, what else is going to stick in your head?

I promise this will be the worst song in this challenge.

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