40 Years in 40 Days: 1982

Ah, 1982.

Field Day, 1982

Field Day, 1982

I’m skipping the facts of 1982 and jumping immediately into the Kerry Facts of 1982. 1982 for me was all about Annie coming out. I wanted to see Annie for my birthday in 1982 and was all excited about my friends going with me because in my 8 year-old mind, we were all a ragtag group going to see Annie, a redheaded girl like me. I was the only redhead in my school if you don’t count Mr. Hays, my 3rd grade teacher. So, my birthday came and Annie here we come! But, no. My mom takes us to the Eastgate shopping center to see E.T.  I did not want to see E.T. I sulked throughout the entire movie and ended up dropping my giant Pixie Stix on the floor and spilling the delicious flavored sugar. I dressed up as Annie for Halloween that year and made my sister dress up as the dog, Sandy. My mom made her dog ears out of panty hose, which kind of awesome.

The best thing of 1982 was the release of “I Love Rock and Roll” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, which was the first single I bought with my own money. I still love that song.

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