Photo study: my old jewelry box

While doing some organizing over the weekend, I went through my high school jewelry box.


I loved this locket. I remember putting different things in it, but I didn’t remember leaving a tiny diamond earring inside. This diamond would be lost on my giant earlobes.



I have no idea where the tiny diamond came from, but I remember wearing it.



I didn’t usually wear these together. Yes, I was one of those two-different-earring people, because Pretty in Pink. Duh.



Once upon a time, there was Heartland by Bath and Bodyworks in this locket. I had a thing for different kinds of lockets. I know it’s not technically a locket, but you know. The perfume has since dried and there is only a faint hint of Heartland.



Three rubies, one pearl, and one diamond. I wore these in my second holes, because of course I did. I first had my ears pierced at three, then again after the holes closed up, then I pierced second holes myself with a pin and ice when I was in high school, because of course I did. At first, I did one ear because I thought that was kind of cool, then I did the other when I was bored one Sunday night watching 120 Minutes on MTV.

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