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I’m not to a point where I can write about it yet, but something happened and I was all –


Seriously, Jesse.

My favorite part of last night’s Breaking Bad:


We never joke about Hello Kitty, Jesse.


Kanye Kwotes

Y’all. Kanye was on his baby mama’s mama’s talk show. Let that sink in for a minute. Here are the best quotes from Buzzfeed.

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Old Typepad blog posts added

Hi Everyone,

Blog housekeeping here. Just letting y’all know I finally imported EVERYTHING from the old Typepad blog over to this site, so check out the Archives and the Categories for my previous adventures and nonsense. For those of you new to the site, I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. Several of those years are now in the Archives (only as far back as 2008 were saved, so you have a lot to catch up on).

Also, it you look at the Menu, you will see a button called BLOG. If you click that button, you will be able to read the blog in its entirety without having to go to the Archives. Everything is there, in order – just click the “next” button for more.

It’s Monday, so here’s Batman riding an elephant


Random weekendness

I am not feeling well this week. At all. Looks like it’s a good weekend to binge-watch tv. Maybe we will get through season 3 of The Sopranos. Yes, I know I’m a little late to the party.

How do you clean a cloth lampshade? Remind me to Google that.

Yesterday I counted three picture frames in my house that have no photograph in them. I’ve gotten used the the woman and baby that are in them.

I spent a portion of last night painting my nails the exact color of my skin. Not on purpose. My skin is “pale cashmere” in case anyone was interested.

So, I had never heard of the superhero Gin Genie. She generates seismic waves equal to her blood alcohol content. This is my new goal in life. Of course, I will have to start drinking more than I do now (which is zip since VSG surgery) and I will have to up my tolerance level (which is 1 1/2 drinks, maybe less now).

OMG. I Googled how to clean a cloth lampshade and there are 42 steps. Y’all, I’m crafty and lazy. This is why God invented tape. I rolled out some tape and 5 minutes later my lamp shades look brand new. I’m the Martha Stewart for lazy people. Martha Stewart THE Martha Stewart, not Martha Stewart, my dermatologist.

Why is the recorder an instrument only used in 4th grade? The Decemberists or The Lumineers need to have a recorder up on their next album. Let’s bring recorders back.

Here’s a picture  of Johnny Cash eating a cake for you weekend.


Photo study: my old jewelry box

While doing some organizing over the weekend, I went through my high school jewelry box.


I loved this locket. I remember putting different things in it, but I didn’t remember leaving a tiny diamond earring inside. This diamond would be lost on my giant earlobes.



I have no idea where the tiny diamond came from, but I remember wearing it.



I didn’t usually wear these together. Yes, I was one of those two-different-earring people, because Pretty in Pink. Duh.



Once upon a time, there was Heartland by Bath and Bodyworks in this locket. I had a thing for different kinds of lockets. I know it’s not technically a locket, but you know. The perfume has since dried and there is only a faint hint of Heartland.



Three rubies, one pearl, and one diamond. I wore these in my second holes, because of course I did. I first had my ears pierced at three, then again after the holes closed up, then I pierced second holes myself with a pin and ice when I was in high school, because of course I did. At first, I did one ear because I thought that was kind of cool, then I did the other when I was bored one Sunday night watching 120 Minutes on MTV.

Wild Horses

One of my favorite covers.