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sweet-and-endearing In the summer my days run together.

I had 7 Peanut M&Ms for lunch. They were delicious. A couple were green, orange, and red which, technically, qualifies them as fruits and/or vegetables.

If you don’t say “Chaka Khan” when the barista asks your name at Starbucks, then you’re basically wasting your life.

Why is it every time I paint nails I suddenly have an itch? Then I have to find whatever the closest thing around to use as an instrument of scratchitude?

Sometimes I’m not bright. Allow me to tell you one instance of my dumbness. I ordered something online and got the FedEx shipping notification that it was coming from Some City, TW. TW – think about that for just a sec. I thought, “what state is TW?” You should know that I am not a geography wiz. TW is the abbreviation for Taiwan. Genius.

Is it weird that I’ve been referring to Kanye and Kim’s baby as Kimye for so long that it’s starting to sound like a normal name?

Is it mean that when a 20 something year-old girl came by this afternoon going door-to-door soliciting for donations for something or other all I could think was “your lisp is distracting me.” I know. I’m a horrible person. But really, I’m a horrible person for lots of reasons. Some of which I’ve said out loud.

One Saturday night I played Scrabble with the hubs. I love Scrabble. The hubs was drinking wine and tried to play “monet” as a word. He also asked me if “by” was a word. “‘By’ without an ‘e’?” is what he said. Have I told you that my husband is very smart?

I’ll be working on an update for “Shrinking Kerry” this weekend. I’ve had all kinds of doctor appointments this week (and another on Monday), so there is stuff to report. I am tired.

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