It’s All About Me Challenge – Day 14 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

My letter isn’t to Judy, it’s for someone else, but this isn’t that kind of blog. And no, it’s not for my spouse. “Give Judy My Notice” is Ben Folds’ eloquent, exact way of saying something everyone has felt with someone in their life at some point, whether it be a family member, friend, or a romantic partner.

“Give Judy My Notice”

Could anyone be loved anymore
Than I love you
Does it hurt you too?
But Judy
I’ve been feeling small too long
I love you so
But something’s wrong

And I come running when you want me here
And when you want me to, I disappear

Give Judy my notice

I knew if I made it easy for you
You’d settle for me, yeah eventually
But Judy
I won’t be your bitch anymore
And follow you ’round
And hold the door

And I can’t do this any longer
The vacuum left is so much stronger

Give Judy my notice
Give Judy my notice

Judy you know I’m not mad anymore
At least most of the time
But that could take a while
I’ve been living just to see you smile
Every once in a while

Tears fall
But that don’t mean nothing at all
It’s just cause I said it first
Yeah, that’s why it hurts

And I’m not sorry if you’re not sorry
And you’re not sorry until I make you

Give Judy my notice [Repeats]
My notice

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