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It’s All About Me Challenge -Day 25 – A letter to your parents

How about a haiku?

Thanks for giving me
The beginning that made me
The woman I am.

It’s All About Me Challenge – Day 24 – Something you crave a lot

1. sushi

2. Mexican food

3. good music

4. coffee

5. new nail polish

6. an Orange Julius (but a raspberry one)

7. new shoes/purses

8. the need for change

9. sleep

10. the need to express myself (thus, this here weblog)

It’s All About Me Challenge – Day 23 – What makes you different from everyone else

Have you read this weblog? I’m as different as they come. I don’t know any other way to be.

Let’s start with an obvious one: I’m a redhead. A natural redhead, though I color it now – and natural redheads are rare (because we’re mutants and that pretty makes me an X-Man with superpowers).

I have some weird audiographic memory.

I have a weird sense of humor. Again, have you read this weblog?

I know more useless trivia than anyone anywhere. It is only useful when my friends want to know something or on trivia nights. I’m a one-woman Google. Unless it’s math or geography. If you want to know something about those, I am not your girl.

I collect typewriters.

I’m super emotional.

I make super delicious risotto.

And I have impeccable taste in all the things. Listen to this jam by Phosphorescent  – if you don’t love it something is wrong with you.



It’s All About Me Challenge – Day 22 – A picture of something that makes you happy

Lots of things make me happy. Here’s one.

typewriters. forever.

typewriters. forever.


is it just me?

Is it just me or is Prince looking like a cross between a strung out Lauren Hill and Roberta Flack?

oh, you are killing me softly.

oh, you are killing me softly.

you need to watch this interpretive dance right now

So, when self-described “human unicorn” Tyler Marcum was 20, he filmed an interpretive dance to “Landslide”  by the Dixie Chicks (originally one of my all-time favorite songs by Fleetwood Mac) in his undies. This year Tyler is turning 30 and he recreated the dance for all of us to enjoy. It’s pretty amazing.

It’s All About Me Challenge – Day 21 – What does your future hold/where would you like to be?

Okay, here’s where I might lose it on this here blog.

If there is any justice in this world, my future includes getting books published and becoming an editor for an online magazine. I answered an open call last month on a popular beauty blog and didn’t get so much as a rejection letter. I’ve been writing all my life. I wrote my first short story at 8. I wrote short stories, poetry, and articles for my high school newspaper. Novel at 18. Started blogging in 2002. Every writer wants to write The Great American Novel, to have someone read their words, breathe life into characters, see the settings in your mind – that’s what I want.

I also want to be at my healthiest and happiest.

Oh yeah, and I want all the children of the world to hold hands and sing, ending poverty and global economic concerns forever and ever. Amen.

It’s All About Me Challenge – Day 20 – Nicknames you have; why do you have them

Ticketmaster calls me “Kerr,” and that’s about it. I was “Kerry B” for years and I’ve always liked the way it sounds, so it (Kerrybee) was my first email address and my Twitter name and stuff. And I like bees. My friend Kim calls me “ReeRee” and I’m “Aunt ReeRee” to her kids, that’s Kerry + Aretha = ReeRee. My Mammaw Patsy called me “Punkin'” and things like “Sugar Dump (Dumplin’)” and that’s probably why I call my kids “Puddin’ Pop” and silly things. I also call my friend Megan “Lunch Box” and “Snack Shack” for no reason. I nicknamed my friend Dana “Sounds of the Seventies” in college. I’m not sure what that was about either. My grandfather always called me “Girl,” but in an endearing way, not a Tarzan way. People have called me “Red” and the lady at Chick-Fil-A repeatedly called me “Cabbage Patch” because I guess I look like a Cabbage Patch doll. Obviously.

why Mad Men is the best

dance, Ken, dance!

dance, Ken, dance!

next, on a very special Mad Men...

next, on a very special Mad Men…