Top 10 challenge – Day 1: 10 facts about yourself

1. I was a natural redhead until I had children and it turned beige. Now it's red from a bottle because beige is not a hair color.

2. I lost a shoe size last month. I'm now back to an 8.5

3. I can remember song lyrics from almost any song I've ever heard (it's some audio-photographic memory thing), but I cannot do simple math. 

Proof. I still know every word to this song:


that's Primitive Radio Gods' "Standing Outside a Broken Phonebooth with Money in My Hand." And that's B.B. King who is being sampled. Bet you barely remember this gem from the 90s.

4. I hate birds. I have a bird phobia.

5. I love coffee. I've been drinking coffee since I was 3 years old.

6. I dropped out of college after 3.5 years because I didn't want to become a teacher after all. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

7. I don't go anywhere without lipstick. 

8. I will watch nearly anything on television that is about Bigfoot or the Titanic. Bigfoot on the Titanic would be the Holy Grail of tv shows (get on that, Hollywood). As a good friend said, I am in a weird demographic.

9. I didn't have a driver's license until I was 21. 

10. I'm pretty much exactly who I want to be.

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