Valentine’s Day gift idea #1

Bros, we know you don't know what to get your special lady/someone you stalk for Valentine's Day, so let me be your gift guide this year.

Forget flowers. Personally, I'm allergic to most flowers, and all flowers have one thing in common – they all die. And so there is this gift:

A Unicorn Boquet. 

F29f_plush_unicorn_bouquetFrom the website:

  • Roses die, give the magical gift of unicorns!
  • Bouquet of 11 plush unicorns in a beautiful wrapping
  • Each unicorn is on a "stem" which can be detached
  • Bouquet is wrapped in white and purple paper with a light blue bow
  • Unicorns have posable legs and can stand, sit, lie down, and brohoof
  • Unicorn Dimensions: 3.5" (snout to rump) x 5" (hoof to tip of horn)
  • Bouquet Dimensions: approx. 24" x 16"
  • Ships in its own box to prevent it being crushed by other items
  • Wrapped in clear plastic with purple hearts

You know you want to order this.

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