happy Halloween

I hope y'all have a happy Halloween. For fun, I thought we'd go retro with the Ben Cooper costumes from my childhood. Do you remember the Ben Cooper costumes? The had awful plastic masks that sort-of resembled the character you were supposed to be and there was a plasticky-tablecloth vest-like top. I prefered face paint, but my sister liked the masks. Once she was Cinderella, or rather, she refused to wear the top/dress/thing and wore the mask and a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt. I was a clown in full pink clownsuit and pigtails. 

Let's take a look at Halloween Past.


happy Halloween



Samantha from Bewitched (my favorite). note eye and nose holes that never really matched up with yours.


because all little 70s kids wanted to grow up to be Leatherman from The Village People.


or Boss Hogg


da plane, Boss!


wow. every kid's favorite – Gabe Kaplan!


future Mitt Romney


drag queen mask. has to be a drag queen mask.

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