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all about the 90s challenge: Day 29 – Favorite foot fashion?

It's time to talk about my love for the chunky shoe.

I love a chunky shoe. My first pretty chunky shoe was a black wooden and suede clog, then a pink suede clog. I loved them and they made me fall down the stairs several times in high school.

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Then I moved onto the chunky Mary Jane, in several variations.

Then there was the chunky sandal. I wore something like these with a semi-formal dress to our college's Casino Night in 1997. I also wore my dress backward on purpose because it was low in the back and epire-style. When I turned it around, I had cleavage and an empire waist. My friend Kim was horrified. I probably looked like someone from a Renaissance Faire.

Kim's boyfriend complimented me on my sandals and didn't say anything about her dress. She was livid. Good times.