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all about the 90s challenge: Day 22 – Titanic Tribute?

Let's talk about how I am obesessed with the Titanic. Not the movie, the actual ship that sank. OH HELL, I forgot to say "Spoiler Alert!." The ship freaking sinks.

Fact: I will watch anything about the Titanic. I have something on the dvr on the Titanic waiting to be watched right now. Again, not the movie. 

But let's talk about how awesome the movie was in 1997. I went to see Titanic with my friend, Kim, the day after it came out in Atlanta. Can we have a moment of silence for my 20s? Okay, I'm back. The theater was packed. I wasn't a huge Leo DiCaprio fan (still am not), but he was great in it. Kate Winslet was fantastic. I loved when everyone in the theater yelled "Victor!" when the actor that played John Jacob Astor was on screen (because he was Victor from Young and the Restless). 

Celine Dion was everywhere that year. I hated that. I really hated that. There was the soundtrack. Then there was the cd inspired by the movie. Oh boy. It was a lotta Titanic. There were books. There were interviews on tv. I saw the movie once at the theater and once on television, but I soaked up all of the interviews and documentaries about the ship, the survivors, the making of the the ship, the captain, and all of the James Cameron-led expeditions to the ocean floor. 

Here's the best scene of the movie. There is no talking. It's great.