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all about the 90s challenge: Day 20 – Favorite movie soundtrack?

Let's talk about how this isn't even a discussion. 

Reality Bites. 

Awesome movie with an even better soundtrack. Why? Don't worry, I brought examples. The movie was famous for Lisa Loeb's "Stay," but we're going to look at some less known jams.

"Spin The Bottle" by the Juliana Hatfield Three. This is one of my favorites. Juliana Hatfield has an amazing voice and this song is fantastic.


"When You Come Back to Me" by World Party. Great song. I really liked the soung of World Party.


"Revival" by Me Phi Me. Because there aren't enough songs about old time church revivals down at the river. Take a dip an revive yourself! The song starts off very quiet, be patient, you will be rewarded. And I have added the lyrics because of course I did.


Lyrics at | Me Phi Me – Revival lyrics

And a song that is one of my favorite songs ever. "Tempted" by Squeeze. It doesn't get better than that. Sadly, the original video is no longer available, but I wasn't gonna leave y'all hanging – here's the original song off the album because it's just not the same without Paul Carrack singing.