all about the 90s challenge: Day 6 – Favorite one hit wonder?

I have a few favorite one-hit-wonder songs of the 90s, but I'm listing "You Gotta Be" by Des'ree because of the SNL sketch where Ellen Cleghorne was OJ Simpson's 1st wife explaining how she got out of domestic violence from OJ (because the song came out around the same time as the OJ trial), “you gotta jump high, you gotta run fast, you gotta be a part-time ninja… all i know, all i know, mace saved my life…” 

I sang the substiute lyrics a lot in college around my friends because that's what kind of sick sense of humor I have.



  1. I wish I remembered more of this parody because I cannot find it anywhere online. Do you know where a version of it is???

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