all about the 90s challenge: Day 5 – Favorite TLC song?

Dude. How can you not love a group who said condoms were their fashion statement and went by nicknames?

I didn't so much love the TLC for their music, but because one of the members was a crazy(sexycool) person and burnt her boyfriend's house down, then continued to date him. There was also T-Boz's secret brain tumor. And now rumor is they want to bring Left-Eye's hologram on stage and a movie is in the works.

Betcha didn't know I have a TLC story. Oh, but I do. Do any of you suffer from Shy Bladder Syndrome? You know, the mysterious affliction where you can't pee in a public restroom or a doctor's office when you're given a plastic container with your name written on the side? That would be me. Cannot do it. When I was first pregnant in December 1997 (miscarriage), I was given that plastic container and sent to the restroom in my Atlanta doctor's office, which was next to the office front desk, which was extremely noisy. I was in the restroom for probably 10 minutes with the faucet running and the nurse knocking on the door saying "are you okay in there?" and then a barely audible "Waterfalls" came through the overhead speaker. It became my go-to song for OB/GYN visits and I'm sure all 5 of my OBs were very thankful. 


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