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all about the 90s challenge: last day postponed

I'm postponing the last day because we've had a hurricane up in here and Girl is tired. We didn't flood, only lost power for two minutes, and lost DirecTv (Di-Rect-TV if you're my dad) every night this week. Y'all. I missed the RNC, Top Chef, and Project Runway. And I've had a few mini-nervous breakdowns, or panic attacks. It's been fun. 

P.S. I've watched way too much UFO Hunters. Send help.

all about the 90s challenge: Day 30 – Scrunchies!

Let's talk about how much I hated scrunchies. 

Scrunchies were like hair Xanax. You put them in your hair when you didn't care what your hair looked like. They made no fashion statement. I liked when girls in my classes would match their scrunchies to their sorority sweatshirts in college. For the record, I did have a few scrunchies. I did not wear them outside of my dorm room or house. I used scrunchies to get my hair out of my face when I put on makeup. They were good for that. 

all about the 90s challenge: Day 29 – Favorite foot fashion?

It's time to talk about my love for the chunky shoe.

I love a chunky shoe. My first pretty chunky shoe was a black wooden and suede clog, then a pink suede clog. I loved them and they made me fall down the stairs several times in high school.

Images (1)

Then I moved onto the chunky Mary Jane, in several variations.

Then there was the chunky sandal. I wore something like these with a semi-formal dress to our college's Casino Night in 1997. I also wore my dress backward on purpose because it was low in the back and epire-style. When I turned it around, I had cleavage and an empire waist. My friend Kim was horrified. I probably looked like someone from a Renaissance Faire.

Kim's boyfriend complimented me on my sandals and didn't say anything about her dress. She was livid. Good times.

all about the 90s challenge: Day 28 – Favorite clothing brand?

Express, GAP, and Lane Bryant. I was all about a chambray shirt. Oh look, I found photos of me in the chambray shirt from pictures taken 2 years apart and me in an all-Express outfit because I loved to rock a sweater and stirrup pants.


1993, GAP chambray shirt, hair growing out from dying it black.


1995, same GAP chambray shirt, paired with GAP vest.


1994 – a good year for stirrup pants

all about the 90s challenge: Day 27 – Favorite 90s headline?

It's hard to pick. 

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." 


"It depends on what the meaning of the words 'is' is." 

I love Bill Clinton.

all about the 90s challenge: Day 26 – Favorite stupid trend?

Sorry I'm a few days behind with this challenge. Bygones.

Okay, here are my favorite stupid trends.


the chain wallet

the Doc Marten


the babydoll dress ( I wore the hell out of these)


cropt tops. for real. rewatch Buffy and it's all you will see.


Lord, I need one of these for in front of my house. 

all about the 90s challenge: Day 25 – Reality Bites or Singles?

Reality Bites. 

First, great soundtrack. Second, great characters. Third, Winona Ryder's character gets in debt and figures out a way to make money by using her parent's gas card to pay for gas for people and they pay her cash. Brilliant. By the way, one of my friends basically did this in grad school and I admired her greatly for that.

all about the 90s challenge: Day 24 – Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?

I'm making this an extra challengy challenge.

I'm going to link other Kevins to Keven Bacon. For no reason.

Kevin Spacey was in A Time To Kill with Keifer Sutherland who was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon.

Kevin Costner was in JFK with Kevin Bacon.

Kevin Smith directed/was in Mallrats with Shannen Doherty who was in Girls Just Want to Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker who was in Footloose with — Kevin Bacon.

Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) was in Soul Surfer with Helen Hunt who was in Girls Just Want to Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker who was in Footloose with — Kevin Bacon.

Kevin Kline was a voice in The Hunchback of Notre Dame with Demi Moore who was in You Can't Handle the Truth (A Few Good Men) with Kevin Bacon.

and those are all the Kevins I can think of. Good day.


all about the 90s challenge: Day 23 – Favorite Kevin Smith movie?

Chasing Amy. You should see it if you haven't. The scene I'm leaving you with has nothing to do with the plot of the movie or the theme, but it's my favorite.