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My son just asked what a blog post was. I told him I write stories on the Internet (because he wouldn't understand "I write my disconnected thoughts for strangers to read and post pictures of things I think are funny). 

I'm watching Whatever Happened to Baby Jane because I love old movies and because I watched a few episodes of Monster Quest today and dammit if they're never going to find a monster on that show. I mean, how hard could it be to find an aquatic dinosaur in a Scottish lake? Also – Sasquatch. If you ask enough people, someone you know will know someone who claims to have seen Bigfoot and everyone has a phone with a camera, but there are no decent photos of him. 

Props if you remember the X-Files episode where they found a family of Sasquatches. 

Man, I love Joan Crawford. 

My son was not impressed when I told him Primary Colors was about politics and not colors, but he still wants to watch it in a few minutes. I don't think John Travolta as NOT Bill Clinton will intrigue a 7 year-old. 

Did y'all watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics? I've never done drugs, but I bet drug trips are like the Opening Ceremonies. Did you see the 30 Mary Poppins? I am a huge Mary Poppins fan. Cruella DeVille was also there. I like to think of myself as mostly Mary Poppins, part Glinda the Good Witch, with a little Cruella DeVille. 

If you really think about it, Glinda was really a bitch in the Wizard of Oz. At the end she tells Dorothy she had the power to go home the whole time, but made her go through all these trials and almost get killed – for what? She didn't even get to keep the damn shoes.

My husband is at a Neil Diamond concert tonight. I would write a joke, but oh – I already did. 

He really is seeing Neil Diamond. He also asked if Carole King was in the Carpenters. THE CARPENTERS.

There were countries in the Opening Ceremonies that I had never heard of. I blame this on never having taken Geography and the fact that some of the countries were made up. Benin. Kiribati. Lesotho. Tuvalu. Oh, and then there is the Independent Olympic Athletes. Those athletes are Dutch and Sudanese. 4 people. They got their own flag. For 4 people.



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