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As I often do, I was perusing last night. This time, looking for a book for my husband's birthday. I found a couple of books for him and then I saw this book on The Daily What:

Girl, get that
I posted it on my Facebook, then went back to the book's page on Amazon and clicked a few of "People Who Bought This Also Bought This" suggestions.

That is one sad looking bunny. Oh, then I found this helpful title:

How is this book not a series? How Not to Kill Your Boss. How Not to Kill Your Pre-Teen. How Not to Kill Your Husband. How Not to Kill Authors of Dumb Books.

Again, I clicked on a suggested title.

I'm getting this for all of my friends for Christmas. And my grandfather. And my mom. And I'll keep a few copies in my car to give out to uptight white folk at the bank when I'm taking to long in the drive-thru.

Guess what I found next.

Of course! If you understand rap lyrics the next step is becoming cool! Apparently being awesome in the 80s was to look like Ricky Shroeder post-Silver Spoons.

If you don't succeed at being awesome, you could always get this book.

I never knew there was a how-to guide. This is handy. And there are photos. Thank goodness.

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