all about the 80s challenge – Day 27 – Favorite clothing brand?

That would be Outback Red. No, not the new fangled Outback Red. I'm talking about the old 80s Outback Red sold at The Limited back when I could still wear clothes in the sizes The Limited carried.

I wore a lot of Outback Red. My favorites were an oatmeal colored big sweater with tortoiseshell buttons at the neck that I wore with brown stirrup pants and the dress I wore for 8th grade graduation. I found a photo of the dress online in pink, but my dress was white with big open forest green checks. Like an open plaid.


I loved that dress. I don't think I belted it. The skirt was twirly. I wore scrunchy socks and Eastlands with it. Eastlands were my shoe of choice. 

It was a look. You may have to trust me, but it was a look. 


  1. i LOVED my Eastlands! You just transported me back to the late 80’s! Thanks KBF!

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