all about the 80s challenge – Day 26 – Favorite Atari game?

Kids these days don't even know the fun they missed by not being born in the era of the Atari 2600. Because I'm a good parent, I got the kids the Atari classic games for Playstation – but the problem is that these games were not designed for modern controllers. The classic games were designed for the classic joystick or rollerball, thus I suck at playing the games on Playstation. The kids do not believe I was once a master of Centipede and Super Breakout.  Super Breakout was my game. 

This screen shows the more advanced double paddle, but you get the idea. Super Breakout was a sort-of Pong on Crack. You moved the paddle to hit the ball, the ball hit the colored bricks, you had to hit all the bricks to go to the next screen where you hit more bricks.

I was good at this. 

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