all about the 80s challenge – Day 18 – Least favorite movie?

That would be a three way tie between Labrynth, Legend, and the Neverending Story. I absolutely cannot stand fantasy movies with Muppets and real people (and Tom Cruise) from the 80s. It was a sort of trend. All three of those movies came out within a couple of years of each other and they were freaky and weird. Also, I do not like movies with weird monsters. I can handle your traditional monsters, but not giant Muppets. That's when I tune out. 


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I hate those three movies with every fiber of my being. Especially Neverending Story. No, wait, maybe I hate Labyrinth more. I just had a flashback. Even now I don’t particularly enjoy watching movies starring Jennifer Connelly.

  2. Neverending Story is the worst because of that giant flying Muppet dog-thing. And I think Legend is why I can’t stand Tom Cruise. Well, that and the Scientology and jumping on Oprah’s couch and saying there is no such thing as mental illness.

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