all about the 80s challenge – Day 16 – Facts of Life or Silver Spoons?

This is almost difficult because Jason Bateman was on Silver Spoons for a year or so. I was never a big Ricky Shroeder fan (he's blond), so Silver Spoons was all about Jason Bateman for me. It was a show I watched all the time, then stopped before it ended. Do y'all remember the Mr. T episode?

Facts of Life is a different story. I cried when FofL when off the air. You cannot go wrong with a show that starts with a very young Molly Ringwald and ends with George Clooney. And Mackenzie Astin. I had Mackenzie Astin's picture from BOP magazine on my wall for a couple of years. So much cuteness. But what kept me watching the show were the stories on FofL. It was relatable. You knew a Blair, a Jo, and Tootie, and a Natalie. You were blown away when Natalie lost her virginity. You loved Mrs. Garrett. You knew the show was going to teach someone a lesson by the end of the episode and you liked it. Facts of Life was my favorite.

side note: Lisa Whelchel (Blair) spoke at my church for a women's function a few years ago. I volunteered and worked the book table with a couple of my friends and Lisa's husband. He was nice and gave me 3 free books. Also, Lisa is a scrapbooker. I kept referring to her as Blair. 

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