all about the 80s challenge – Day 13 – Least favorite cartoon?

Let me set the scene for you. I am almost 4 years older than my sister. We never had the same tastes in anything, probably due to the age difference, mostly due to the fact that I just have better taste. She's the exact opposite of me in every way; we don't look alike (at all); she has a tattoo around her bellybutton; she borrowed my mom's car when she was 16 and blew out all of the tires. I didn't drive until I was 21. 

So, it should not surprise you that we rarely watched television in the same room. I was all about an afterschool special, she wanted to watch Nickelodeon. 

This list is comprised of my sister's favorite cartoons, thus the shows I hated. I mean, she was the only person on earth who liked Scrappy Doo, people. Here goes: Pound Puppies, Care Bears, Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers, Inspector Gadget, Poochie – OMG – extra points if you remember that mess, Richie Rich, The Snorks, and I know it wasn't a cartoon, but – Fraggle Rock. Fraggle Rock creeped me out. 

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