all about the 80s challenge – Day 1 – Favorite song?

I have a tie. First, Thompson Twins, "If You Were Here." It's a short song. It's THE song in Sixteen Candles. It gets me every time. Everyone knows how I love a synthesizer and the Thompson Twins did it so well.

and here are the lyrics:

if you were here
i could deceive you
and if you were here
you would believe
but would you suspect
my emotion wandering, yeah
do not want a part of this anymore
The rain water drips
through a crack in the ceiling
and i'll have to spend
my time on repair
But just like the rain
i'll be always falling, yeah
only to rise and fall again


And "Positively Lost Me" by The Rave Ups. I positvely love The Rave-Ups. You'll remember this as one of the club songs from Pretty in Pink. This video is from a recent live webcast. I adore this song (as well as many other Rave-Ups songs). For me, it's the lyrics and the guitar on this one.




A Flock of Seagulls, "Wishing (I had a photograph of you)"


and for the late 80s – one of my theme songs, 10,000 Maniacs' "Headstrong." I cannot tell you how much I love this song, it's very me. "Didn't you notice I'm so headstrong even when I know I'm wrong? open up your eyes, see me for what I am. Cast in iron, I won't break and I won't bend." Amen, Natalie.


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