scary leg

I saw this photo on the Daily What and thought y'all needed to see it too because EW ARE HIP BONES SUPPOSED TO POP OUT LIKE THAT? 


I added the arrow in case you couldn't tell.

This model was at the Met Gala last night. I assume that now they're inviting people with snap-on limbs.

P.S. Girl, some of your dress is missing.  Were you in a fight? Is that what happened to your leg? 


  1. I saw this yesterday and it really freaked me out. What is wrong with her leg?! I’ve decided a lot of what is wrong with the world can be traced directly to fashion and advertising. Stop showing me women who weigh 100 lbs! Stop telling me that’s what I’m supposed to look like! I want to eat Doritos! I don’t want to see ALL the bones in my body! I hate this world!
    I don’t know why I’m using so many exclamation marks.

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