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I just need to write. Either that or I will pull a Towanda and take my car to a parking lot and hit parked cars just because. It's part of the "it's everything and nothing" all at the same time part of depression/anxiety that has been here for a few days and UGH. I mean, UGH.


So, last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at my son's school and I forgot because it's this week and my daughters' school. I'm pretty sure they all think I'm a nutjob anyway. 

Can I blame any of this on the Supermoon?

Stainless steele pot lids are hot. Remember that. I may or may not have burned my hand in two places trying to juggle a hot stainless steele pot lid.

Eariler I signed up for Typekit for my blog (lets you use different fonts than what the standards are) and I cannot figure out how to install it. Do you know how that makes me feel? I'm the one everyone asks for computer help. I feel like an idiot.

Speaking of idiots, you know those people who call YOU and a few minutes into the conversation, they're all "well, I'm really busy at work, I'd better get back to it." WAIT UP. YOU called ME. You know what I have to say about that?

I mean, for real.

So, I think I already need new reading glasses. Damn astigmatism and crap.

In other news, I was finally invited to a trunk show for something that would actually fit this body. It's at my optomitrist's office. New frames by Oliver Peoples, Prada, Coach, and Versache. Of course it's my optomitrist. 

My life is hilarious.

Did I tell y'all I'm designing the site for my 20 year high school reunion for the year I didn't technically graduate? Technically. And I'm not old.

M&M's are a food group right? I think we can all agree that they are at least an honorary food group. Like the Cheese group.

I don't know what to have for lunch. Besides M&M's.

I just read that Courtney Love is 125lbs and is 5'11". I haven't been 125lbs since I was 11.

Don't tell me it's the M&M's.


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