30 days of Food Challenge – Day 8: Do you prefer baking or cooking?

And just like that, we're caught up.

This is a funny one because years ago I preferred baking to cooking. I was not taught to cook (or do anything really) by my mother, so it did not come naturally to me for a long time. When I was first married I started collecting cookbooks and discovered baking. I loved to make biscotti. I also made a lot of cheesecakes and breads. I loved rolling out dough to make cookies or pie crusts. I liked weaving pie crust tops. I baked a lot. 

The thing about baking is that it's exact. You have to be precise with measurements or things do not turn out as intended. I've never been an exact-type person. At some point I started really cooking. Cooking was this freeing thing that was fun and didn't have to be exact. If you like more garlic, add more garlic. If you don't like one spice, switch it for another. I loved trying new recipes. While growing up, my mom made the same things over and over (like a lot of our moms did). So, when I started cooking, I had millions of recipes to choose from, to alter, to make my own. And that's what I did. 

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