29 day television challenge: day 25 – OMG WTF? season finale

Man, I've been waiting for this one.

The Colbys.

The Colbys was a Dynasty spin-off in the 80s. It was one of the shows I watched with my mom (because it was so appropriate for an 11 year-old to watch). The Colbys was centered around Fallon, who was on Dynasty. Charlton Heston was on the show. Here is the description of the finale: 


Sable kidnaps Scott Cassidy. Phillip kidnaps Francesca and Jason and Jeff try to rescue her, but a car crash leaves Francesca near death. Fallon attempts to find Frankie herself, but ends up lost in the desert, where she is kidnapped by a UFO. 


Now, The Colbys was not an X-Files type show. There were no sci-fi elements leading up to Fallon being abducted by aliens. It wasn't part of an on-going storyline, there was no alien uncle in the cast. It was freaking bizarre. I should also mention that Fallon reappears in the next season of Dynasty with no mention of the abduction. HILARIOUS. 


And that was the end. Most insane fnale ever.

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