29 day television challenge: day 21 – favorite series finale


We're going to talk about the episode that made me cry (numerous times because I watched the show for so long and the characters were so well-written and well-acted that – WHEW, LET ME CATCH MY BREATH.)

I don't like drama in my life, but tv is fair game, people.

Okay, here's the story. I loved ER. It's one of those shows that made me care about the characters. Also, it had George Clooney in it for a long time. So, ER was on for 15 seasons. I was almost as emotionally invested in the show as I was my marriage – for real, the hubs and I had been dating for six months when ER premiered. There was a group of us in college who would watch the show together. None of us were in medical majors. People knew not to call me when it was on. 

Allow me to geek out and silently yell OMG at the following ER moments from the course of the series:

  • when Dr. George Clooney, I mean, Doug Ross saves a boy in a flood
  • when Dr. Greene died in Hawaii and the ukelele version of "Over the Rainbow" plays
  • when Dr. Romano's arm was cut off on the roof by the helicopter blade
  • when Carter and Lucy were attacked by a schizophrenic patient on Valentine's Day in the ER and Lucy died. EXTRA KLEENEX
  • when Neela decided to give up medicine and went to work at the convienence store across the street from the hospital
  • when Cynthia Nixon was a patient who had a stroke, but we could hear her thoughts and the episode was from her perspective – watching what was happening around her and the fact that she could not move or speak. OMG
  • when the ER was quarantined because of FREAKING MONKEY POX

In last season, Dr. Carter came back to the hospital and in the finale, we see him opening The Carter Center (or something like that, it's been a few years, I can't remember everything). Lots of doctors who had left the show came back for the finale to see Carter and in the sweetest moment, we see Rachel Greene (Dr. Green's now 22 year-old daughter) touring the hospital during med school. And it was the original actress who played Rachel. I cried like I knew these people. 

Here is a clip from the retrospective that was on before the finale.




  1. Wow! you brought me back in time KBF! ER was SO awesome!

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